Dayspring Church Leeds Talks

2019-06-16 June - Allan and Lizzie Cox

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Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 12:06pm UTC

2019-06-02 June - Ness Wilson

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Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 9:48am UTC

2019-05-19 May - Lawrie Lowton

Direct download: 2019-05-19_May_-_Lawrie_Lowton.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:16am UTC

2019-05-05 May - Lee Jackson

Direct download: 2019_05_05_May_-_Lee_Jackson.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 9:24am UTC

2019-04-07 Apr - Clare Jackson

Direct download: 2019-04-07_April_-__Clare_Jackson.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:00am UTC

2019-03-17 March - Ben C

Direct download: 2019-03-17_March_Ben_C_Podcast.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 11:49am UTC

2019-02-17 Feb - Richard Hind

Direct download: 2019-02-17_Feb_-_Richard_Hind.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:56am UTC

2019-02-03 Feb Suzi Irwin

Direct download: 2019-02-03_Feb_Suzi_Irwin.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 12:20pm UTC

2019-01-20 Jan Liz CSSM

Direct download: 2019-01-20_Jan_Liz_CSSM.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 11:20am UTC

2019-01-06 Jan Lesley Flynn

Direct download: 2019-01-06_Jan_Lesley_Flynn.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 9:23am UTC

BASECAMP 2018-12-02 December Judith Anniss

Direct download: 2018-12-02_Dec_Judith_Anniss.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:28am UTC

2018-11-18 November Cathy Swallow

Direct download: 2018-11-18_Nov_Cathy_Swallow.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 11:59am UTC

2018-11-04 Nov Sarah Smith

Direct download: 2018-11-04_Nov_-_Sarah_Smith.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 5:15pm UTC

2018-10-07 October - Weekend Away Linda Harding

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Category:general -- posted at: 10:38am UTC

2018-10-06 October - Weekend Away Linda Harding

Direct download: 2018-10-06_October_-_weekend_away_Linda_Harding.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:14am UTC

2018-09-02 Sept Mike G and Chris S

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Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 12:33pm UTC

Basecamp 2018-07-01 July Baz and Linda Gascoyne

Direct download: 2018-07-01_July_Baz_and_Linda_Gascoyne.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 1:08pm UTC

2018-05-06 May Richard Hind

Direct download: 2018-05-06_May_Richard_Hind.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 9:44am UTC

Basecamp 2018-04-15 Apr Allan & Lizzie Cox

Direct download: 2018-04-15_Apr_Allan__Lizzie_Cox.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:33am UTC

Basecamp 2018-04-01 Apr Clare J Easter

Direct download: 2018-04-01_Apr_Clare_J_Easter.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:16am UTC

Basecamp 2018-03-18 Mch Phil Smith 

Direct download: 2018-03-18_Mch_Phil_Smith.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 3:13pm UTC

Basecamp 2018 03 04 Mch -  Clare J and Hannah Jones

Direct download: 2018-03-04_Mch_Clare_J_and_Hannah_Jones.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 3:05pm UTC

Basecamp 2018-02-04 Feb Billy Kennedy

Direct download: 2018-02-04_Feb_Billy_Kennedy.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 11:02am UTC

Basecamp 2018-01-21 Jan - Phil Smith

Direct download: 2018-01-21_Jan_Phil_Smith.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 1:33pm UTC

Basecamp 2018-01-07 Jan - Clare Jackson

Direct download: 2018-01-07_Jan_Clare_Jackson.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 1:29pm UTC

Prophecy 2017-11-19 Nov - Lizzie Cox

Direct download: 2017-11-19_Nov_Lizzie_Cox_prophecy_for_Dayspring.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 11:50am UTC

Basecamp 2017-11-19 Nov - Allan & Lizzie Cox

Direct download: 2017-11-19_Nov_Allan__Lizzie_Cox.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 11:27am UTC

Basecamp 2017-11-05 Nov - Godfrey Birtill

Direct download: 2017-11-05_Nov_Godfrey_Birtill.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 12:02pm UTC

Basecamp 2017-10-15 Oct - Richard Hind / Freedom & Breakthrough

Direct download: 2017-10-15_Oct_Richard_Hind.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:24am UTC

Basecamp 2017-10-01 Oct - Phil Smith / Prophetic Worship

Direct download: 2017-10-01_Oct_Phil_Smith.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 9:56am UTC

Basecamp 2017 09 17 Sept - Rebecca & Ash Rowthorn Freedom & Breakthrough


Direct download: 2017_09_17_Sept_Rebecca__Ash_Rowthorn._mp3.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 8:40am UTC

Basecamp 2017-03-09 Sept - Rebecca & Ash - vision

Direct download: 2017-09-03_Sept_Rebecca__Ash.mp3.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 12:14pm UTC

Basecamp 2017-07-16 July - Allan & Lizzie Cox

Direct download: 2017-07-16_July_-_Allan__Lizzie_Cox.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:28am UTC

Direct download: 2017-07-02_July_-_Ben_Jones.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 11:03am UTC

2017-06-18 June - Ash Rowthorn

Direct download: 2017-06-18_June_-_Ash_Rowthorn.mp3
Category:Basecamp talk -- posted at: 10:55am UTC

Basecamp - 2017 - 06 -11 - Andy Atkinson

Direct download: Andy_Ako_DS_audio_mono.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:30am UTC

Basecamp - 2017-05-21 May - Rebecca Rowthorn

Direct download: 2017-05-21_May-_Rebecca_Rowthorn.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 1:29pm UTC

2017 05 14 May Coffee Church - Helen & Dave

Direct download: 2017-05-14_May_Coffee_Church.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 9:21am UTC

Basecamp 16.4.17 - Toby White

Direct download: Basecamp_16.4.17_-_Toby_White.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 12:32pm UTC

Basecamp 02.04.17 Richard Hind

Direct download: Basecamp_02.04.17_-_Richard_Hind.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 1:47pm UTC

Basecamp 5th March 2017 - Amanda & Steve Varty

Direct download: Basecamp_5.3.17_-_Amanda__Steve_Varty.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:15am UTC

Basecamp 19th February 2017 - Rebecca Rowthorn

Direct download: Basecamp_19.2.17_-_Rebecca_Rowthorn.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:29am UTC

Cave Castle Weekend Away 2017 - Sunday

Direct download: 2017_Cave_Castle_-_Sunday.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 2:18pm UTC

Cave Castle Weekend Away 2017 - Saturday

Direct download: 2017_Cave_Castle_-_Saturday.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:53pm UTC

Basecmp 22nds January 2017 - Phil Smith

Direct download: Basecamp_22.1.17_-_Phil_Smith.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:49am UTC

Basecamp 8th January 2017 - Ash & Bex

Direct download: Basecamp_8.1.17_-_Ash__Bex.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 1:06pm UTC

Basecamp 4th December 2016 - Lee J

Direct download: Basecamp_4.12.16_-_Lee_Jackson.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 12:21pm UTC

Basecamp 20th November 2016 - Ash Rowthorn

Direct download: Basecamp_20.11.16_-_Ash_Rowthorn.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 1:21pm UTC

Basecamp 6th November 2016 - Rebecca Rowthorn

Direct download: Basecamp_6.11.16_-_Rebecca_Rowthorn.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 3:39pm UTC

Basecamp 16th October  - Allan & Lizzie Cox

Direct download: Basecamp_16.10.16_-_Allan__Lizzie.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:24pm UTC

Basecamp 2nd October 2016 - Linda Castle

Direct download: Basecamp_2.10.16_-_Linda_Castle.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 8:18am UTC

Basecamp 18th Spetember 2016 - Linda Harding

Direct download: Basecamp_18.9.16_-_Linda_Harding.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:58am UTC

Basecamp 4th September 2016 - Leaders

Direct download: Basecamp_4.9.16_-_Leaders.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:20am UTC

Basecamp 17.7.16 - Leaders Update

Direct download: Basecamp_17.7.16_-_Leaders_Update.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 12:55pm UTC

Basecamp 3.7.16 - Ed Carlisle

Direct download: Basecamp_3.7.16_-_Ed_Carlisle.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 9:42am UTC

Basecamp 5th June 2016 - Lee J

Direct download: Basecamp_Walking_With_Fresh_Eyes_-_Lee_J_-_edited_MP3.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:35am UTC

Basecamp 29th May 2016 - Ash Rowthorn

Direct download: Basecamp_29.5.16_-_Ash_Rowthorn.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:26am UTC

Basecamp 15th May 2016 - Phil Smith

Direct download: Basecamp_15.5.16_-_Phil_Smith.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:53am UTC

Basecamp 1.5.2016 Allan and Lizzie Cox

Direct download: Basecamp_1.5.16_Allan_and_Lizzie_Cox.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 3:48pm UTC

Basecamp Easter Sunday - The Jackson Family Service

Direct download: Basecamp_27.3.16_-_The_Jackson_Family_Service.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:35am UTC

Basecamp 20.3.16 - Annie & Linda

Direct download: Basecamp_20.3.16_-_Annie__Linda.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:05am UTC

Basecamp 6th March 2016 - Laura Ryder

Direct download: Basecamp_6.3.16_-_Laura_Ryder.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 2:24pm UTC

Basecamp 7.2.16 - Linda Harding 

Direct download: Basecamp_7.2.16_-_Linda_Harding.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 12:23pm UTC

Direct download: Basecamp_31.1.16_-_Cathy_Swallow.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 12:25pm UTC

Basecamp 17th January 2016 - Richard Hind

Direct download: Basecamp_17.1.16_-_Richard_Hind.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:02pm UTC

Basecamp 3rd January 2016 - Leaders Team

Direct download: Basecamp_3.1.16_-_Leaders_Team.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 3:25pm UTC

Basecamp 29th November 2015 - Liz Pattinson

Direct download: Basecamp_29.11.15_-_Liz_Pattinson.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:55am UTC

Baseline 18th October 2015 - Nick Castle

Direct download: Baseline_18.10.15_-_Nick_Castle.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:26am UTC

Category:general -- posted at: 10:01am UTC

Baseline 4th October 2015 - Linda Harding

Direct download: Baseline_4.10.15_-_Linda_Harding.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:01am UTC

Baseline 20th September 2015 - Richard Hind

Direct download: Baseline_20.9.15_-_Richard_Hind.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 9:28am UTC

Baseline 6th September 2015 - Annie Ocsko 

Direct download: Baseline_6.9.15_-_Annie_Ocsko.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:45am UTC

Baseline 19th July 2015 - Chris Schorah

Direct download: Baseline_19.7.15_-_Chris_Schorah.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:56am UTC

Baseline 5th July 2015 - Leadership Team

Direct download: Baseline_5.7.15_-_Leadership_Team.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:30am UTC

Baseline 21st June 2015 - Ian Wilson

Direct download: Baseline_21.6.15_-_Ian_Wilson.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:20am UTC

Baseline 7th June 2015 - Cathy Swallow

Direct download: Baseline_7.6.15_-_Cathy_Swallow.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:00am UTC

Baseline 31st May 2015 - Andrea Alquzen, KSSM 

Direct download: Baseline_31.5.15_-_Andrea_Alquzen_KSSM.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:43am UTC

Baseline 17th May 2015 - Creative Prayer Morning 

Direct download: Baseline_17.5.15_-_Creative_Prayer_Morning.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 9:58am UTC

Baseline 3rd May 2015 - Richard Hind

Direct download: Baseline_3.5.15_Richard_Hind.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 9:21am UTC

Baseline 19th April 2015 - Linda Harding & Vinelife Worship

Direct download: Baseline_19.4.15_Linda_Harding__Vinelife_Worship.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:58am UTC

Baseline 5th April 2015 - Easter Family Morning

Direct download: Baseline_5.4.15_-_Easter_Family_Morning.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:24am UTC

Baseline 1st March 2015 - Rev. Gordon Cooper

Direct download: Baseline_1.3.15_-_Rev._Gordon_Cooper.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 1:26pm UTC

15th February 2015 - Baz & Linda Gascoyne

Direct download: Baseline_15.2.15_Baz__Linda_Gascoyne.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 12:14pm UTC

Baseline 1st February 2015 - Cathy Swallow

Direct download: Baseline_1.2.15_-_Cathy_Swallow.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:39am UTC

Baseline 18th January 2015 - Lawrie Lowton

Direct download: Baseline_18.1.15_Lawrie_Lowton.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 3:43pm UTC

Baseline 4th January 2015 - Lee & Clare J

Direct download: Baseline_4.1.15_Lee__Clare_Jackson.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 12:42pm UTC

Baseline 30th November 2014 - Rebecca Rowthorn

Direct download: Baseline_30.11.14_-_Rebecca_Rowthorn.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:40am UTC

Baseline 16th November 2014 - Ash Rowthorn

Direct download: Baseline_16.11.14_-_Ash_Rowthorn.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:46am UTC

Baseline 2nd November 2014 - Lee J

Direct download: Baseline_2.11.14_-_Lee_Jackson.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:11am UTC

Baseline 19th October 2014 - Richard Hind 

Direct download: Baseline_19.10.14_Richard_Hind.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:29am UTC

Baseline 5th October 2014 Lee J & Nick Castle

Direct download: Baseline_5.10.14_Lee_Jackson__Nick_Castle.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 12:59pm UTC

Baseline 21st September 2014 - Linda & Nick Castle

Direct download: Baseline_21.9.14_Linda__Nick_Castle.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:04am UTC

Baseline 14th September 2014 - Allan & Lizzie

Direct download: Baseline_14.9.14_Allan__Lizzie.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:08am UTC

Baseline 20th July 2014 - Linda Harding

Direct download: Baseline_20.7.14_Linda_Harding.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:42am UTC

Baseline  6th July 2014 - Nick Castle

Direct download: Baseline_6.7.14_-_Nick_Castle.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:27am UTC

Baseline 29th June 2014 - Richard, Ash & Rebecca

Direct download: Baseline_29.6.14_Richard_Ash__Rebecca.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:31am UTC

Baseline 15th June 2014 - KSSM

Direct download: Baseline_15.6.14_KSSM.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 9:40am UTC

Baseline 1st June 2014 - Richard, Ash & Becky

Direct download: Baseline_1.6.14_Richard_Ash__Becky.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 10:28am UTC

Baseline 18th May 2014 - Annie & Linda

Direct download: Baseline_18.5.14_Annie__Linda.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:27am UTC

Baseline 4th May 2014 - Annie & Linda

Direct download: Baseline_4.5.14_Annie__Linda.mp3
Category:Baseline Talk -- posted at: 11:07am UTC